Identity Crisis

I have decided to take a short break in the constructing of my new online identity. So many profiles, so many questions, so many little bits of information! I am grateful for the number of internet outlets there are for my creativity, but I’m beginning to feel like a string of passwords instead of a person.

Image Credit – Zen Greenway

And it all makes me a bit nervous, both in terms of exposure and accuracy. Should I have my Facebook Page post to Twitter or the other way around? Are people looking at my incomplete profiles and assuming there are holes in my character? Will anyone understand my attempts to define myself as an artist through these thumbnail pictures and bios? Am I being too vague or too specific? Too cute or too artsy?

And does it really matter? What if no one finds me interesting enough to click through to my music?

Whew! This is why I need a break. My artist profile puzzle is nowhere near complete yet, but I decided to start talking anyway. (That’s been a source of anxiety, too. If I post before my background materials are ready, how many opportunities do I miss? And is that a ridiculous question or what?)

I am who I am. My choice of profile snapshots is not going to change that. I will never survive this process if I allow it to define me. My online presence can be a work in progress, growing piece by piece as I change and grow. Deep breaths, now.

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