You Get Out What You Put In


As I explore ways to market my music, I find it easy to get distracted from my true purpose. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are wonderful contact points, but I have to remind myself that I created those contact points so they would be there IF someone wants to contact me. Posting my music there is not going to attract the attention I want by default. Neither is posting random content just to keep the lines open, a practice I hate, by the way.

I’ve decided not to concentrate on generating “likes” and “follows”. If and when my music interests someone, they can easily find me, so mission accomplished there. I can limit my social media content to things I actually want to share with whoever’s listening. So the question becomes, how do I attract attention to my music, the thing that motivated me to create all these contact points in the first place?


I’m going to listen. There is so much music out there. There are so many people talking about music out there. I will treat my own creations as offerings to the community I wish to join. I will listen and respond. I will not listen with half an ear, waiting for you to stop so I can play you my thing. I will not follow you just so you’ll follow me, a practice I also hate. I will really listen. And if you listen, too, maybe we’ll find enough in common to share.

‘Cause for me, that’s the whole point.

“We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams.” – Willy Wonka

I Hear You

Image Credits – ClkerFreeVectorImages, geralt, and OpenClipartVectors

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