Back To The Art … Sort Of

Singing Cat
Image Credit – Cute Cat Pictures

I finally had a chance to work on some actual music yesterday. Since all of my free time has been taken up with the business aspect of music for the past six months or so, it was difficult to refocus. I had to ignore that nagging voice telling me I have to sell. Sell!

It’s interesting and kind of refreshing that I’m having this problem because all my life it’s been the opposite. I NEVER wanted to learn about the industry or enter song contests or deal with the exposure side of making music. All I wanted to do was write and record. It didn’t even matter whether anyone but me ever heard my music. I just wrote for the joy of it.

I still feel that joy, obviously, but there are two things that have changed my attitude toward exposure. The first is that playing live is actually fun when you do it with the right people. And the second is the internet. Through vehicles like Soundcloud and Tunecore, I’m able to make my music available without ever having to pick up the phone or schmooze some stranger who may or may not be having a good enough day to really listen.

But I digress. See, I’m doing it again. I wanted to talk about getting back into the groove yesterday and I ended up talking about marketing. Arghhh!

Let me just say that it felt good to take some of my personal artistic space back. Yesterday I finished lyrics that had been bouncing around my head for two weeks, took notes on several musical fragments that have accumulated in my recording software over the last few years, and did some technical research about recording vocals. So much fun!

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