I Can Hear You

Image Credit – Zen Greenway

Come under here • Forget the floating world and hear me • I know it’s strange • But there’s no room left to fear me • It’s raining on us both

You are • Am I

There’s a light I can see • And it’s there between you and me • Like electricity • Jumping from your hand to mine • And on this map of glowing lines • I see figures and signs • That tell me where we diverge • And where we combine

You are • I am

I can hear you • I can hear you • Underneath everything we don’t understand • About each other • I’m just like you • I’m just like you

I been down, but I never been down so low • That I couldn’t get up and make myself a sandwich • Never despair that there’s nothing there • Because it is what it is • What it is • And so • It • Is

(We are) • I can hear you • I can hear you • I can hear you

© Zen Greenway

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