This Wishing Well

Image Credit – StockSnap

Lately it seems time’s been talking to me • It’s getting so expensive when it used to be free • So I’m spending with care on what I feel is true • And more and more I find that when I play I’m keeping time with you

CHORUS • Well I’m standing here in the big cornfield • Oh the reaper’s coming and I’m bound to yield • It’ll cut me down like a wind from hell • And all I want is just one more drink from this wishing well

Sometimes I feel sad and only see the storm  All my troubles fall upon me in an ugly swarm • But then I hear that song or I see that smile • And all my life becomes an open place where we can dance a while


This wishing well, this wishing well  It’s like drinking sunshine from a golden shell • I’m gonna feel this joy and chase that thrill • And while I’m here I’m going to live this life and drink my fill

I don’t wish for beauty, I don’t wish for fame  I ain’t in it for money or some power game • Nothing gets me higher than you next to me • I guess I wish for just a little more time in sweet company


All I want is just one last drink from this wishing well

© Zen Greenway

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