Journal on Sharing

Sometimes I get caught between focusing on my inner voice and wanting to express. Whenever I feel the joy of connection with myself, I start to think of ways I can share it. I would love to find a way to make that a seamless flow from my soul to the world. A perpetual cycle of inner discovery and connection with the world. There is a path there. I can feel it. It’s like looking at a spinning jump rope and trying to decide when to jump in.

My fear of disrupting the flow or not being able to maintain my harmony with it keeps me from jumping in, which means I never do. There is no perfect or perfectly timed way to begin this harmonizing. It has to be done by experience, by feel. I must share when I have something to share. If there is a pattern that emerges, a structure of some kind that makes my harmony more accessible to everyone, it will only become apparent in the middle of things. I can not think my way into this.

Journal on Sharing
Image Credit – BarbaraALane

2 responses to “Journal on Sharing”

  1. whiskeyinateacup Avatar

    The only way to share is to just start. Breathe. Do it again.

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    1. Zen Greenway Avatar

      I totally agree and I’m slowly learning to do it.

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