Dear Capitalism

Dear Capitalism:

Please redefine profit. Right now you’re using monetary growth as your sole indicator. Unlimited monetary growth is impossible without devaluing the indicator itself.

Why not add wellbeing? If you use the money that accumulates when you grow to increase the wellbeing of the company as a whole, that should count as profit. And happiness? The increase in the wellbeing of the company as a whole will increase happiness. That should count as profit.

Don’t think of it as growth vs. stagnation. Think of it as growth vs. expansion. Not a straight line up, but an expanding circle of health and prosperity.

Your current MO is unsustainable. Both history and nature can teach you that. Diversify! Secure the foundation of your worth. Define the employees’ security and happiness as profit, not just the employers’. Better yet, define the wellbeing and happiness of the world as profit.

If you don’t learn this lesson soon, it will make me even more uncertain.


The Future

Image Credit – Gino Crescoli

2 responses to “Dear Capitalism”

  1. Shalini Avatar


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    1. Zen Greenway Avatar

      Let’s hope it gets the message.


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