Shriven – Episode 1

A detailed Elder Scrolls Online playthrough

Our hero, Kel Redleaf, has had her soul stolen!

Recently I was experimenting with playing Elder Scrolls Online at a more realistic pace. Walking most of the time, pausing to examine the world around me, taking in every detail of my quests and the people involved. It really changed the character of the game!

I had already started reading some of the books and letters in the game to get more of a sense of the events my character’s path intersects. (Most players don’t bother.) This change made me realize I was more like a character in a book, part of multiple plots and histories, than the hero of an action film.

I’ve spent the better part of my gaming obsession trying to find games that are heavy on story, light on combat, and detailed enough to permit hours of immersive exploration. Who knew the perfect combination was right under my nose? I’ve been playing ESO for five years and never realized it would be perfect if I just slowed it down a bit!

This first episode is faster paced than what will be normal in future episodes because it encompasses the introduction and ESO’s creators wanted it to be exciting. I try to preserve that sense of urgency while still pausing to show off certain details. These details are also a little darker and more disturbing than usual, again because of the nature of ESO’s introduction.

My character is a Bosmer (Wood Elf) named Kel Redleaf. And that’s about all she knows about herself. She remembers her companion senche, Sulfur, and some of her Templar training, but nothing else. This may explain why she asks so many questions! She is also intensely curious and prefers not to be surprised, so she tries to get as much information as possible before taking action. If she asks the same question of different people, it’s because she wants every angle she can get. After all, the fate of Tamriel rides on her understanding.

Her journey starts here. Are you ready?

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