My Life In Space Time

My Life in Space Time

Peace Inside = Peace Outside

This used to be my blog along with all my essays and poetry. I’m a proponent of self-awareness, so I journal about my issues, my goals, and my process. Maybe some of my thoughts are similar to yours. I’m now keeping this kind of journal on my Facebook page, so visit there for more recent stuff.

My Tribe – Witch

She sent the black tree frog to sit in front of me. Like a miniature black hole, he absorbed anything negative that the light expelled. At the height of the storm, he glowed the deep electric purple of a blacklight. I could feel him eating all my fear. Then he hopped away.

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My Tribe

It took a variety of personal tools for me to survive the idea of cancer. A cancer diagnosis is difficult to live with because it holds the possibility of your own death up to your face every day, without fail. After the initial shock and the sheer force of emotional will required to process it, you are faced with the slow torture of doubt, fear, and the relentless shadow of recurrence, even if you are currently cancer-free. But there is hope!

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Journal on Time & Mindfulness

It’s a commitment I have to make. Mindfulness is a decision about what is important, a specificity of focus that is entirely under my control. One of the few things that responds directly to my will.

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Journal on Healing

I think I try to label this sadness as other things. I call it fear about recurrence or about money. I call it discomfort when I feel I’m not taking care of the site or my body in general. I blame it on my medications or my hormones. I classify it as something old that should have been dealt with already. Imagine that!

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Journal on Subtle Expansion

This is how allowing benefits me. If I control everything, this unconscious network doesn’t function, or it if does I don’t benefit because I’m not listening for those subtle changes in the harmonic of my being.

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Journal on Trusting Myself

I think any pseudo-confidence I’ve had was based on compulsive readiness.  I was proud of my ability to plan, which is not an inherently bad thing, but it became my entire basis for trusting myself.  And now that I have seen where compulsive planning puts me in life, I realize it’s no way to run a rodeo.

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