A detailed Elder Scrolls Online playthrough

Can Kel rescue Capt. Jimila’s crewmen before they’re sacrificed?

Kel helps the Captain of The Prowler, the only ship to survive the strange and terrible storm that wrecked an entire Dominion fleet. There are enemy sea-elves, the Maormer, skulking nearby and Kel is dispatched to recover two missing privateers. Ship repairs (oh, the mundanity!) and dark rituals mix in this latest episode of Shriven!

I’m going to be streaming ESO on Twitch and YouTube every Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm. Same slow, story-oriented pace, only I’ll also be voicing my character. She’s a Khajiit named Miao Mya, lost among strangers in the Daggerfall Covenant. Channel links below!

Zen Greenway on Twitch

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