The Message

Welcome! I’m Zen Greenway and I’m a work in progress. Everything you see here is a piece of the puzzle, a fragment of the whole. Only time can finish me. Until then, I am working on myself, bit by bit, because I believe that the path to world peace is inside each of us. And the only way to walk it is to look there first.

  • Peek inside my head by visiting my blog, My Life in Space Time.
  • Listen to me dream in the Music section.
  • See the places I wander in the Abstracts section. Most of them are virtual so it gets pretty trippy!
  • Browse the library of my imagination in the Fiction section.
  • And if you ever get lost and need to know what I’m really saying, get back On Message.

Inner peace. Outer peace. World peace. Peace of mind. All kinds of peace to you!


“Make peace where you are.” – John Lennon


Picture Credits – Skitterphoto and stuarthampton