Image Credit – Zen Greenway

My husband and I don’t get to travel much. Not only do we not have the funds, sometimes we just don’t like it. We always end up spending a lot of time looking for the bathroom or trying to find edible vegetarian food. Depending on where we are, both are often maddeningly absent. So when I found Second Life, I figured here’s a chance to wander without the logistical nightmares that usually accompany travelling for us.

And I was right!  Second Life is huge and has a wide variety of things to do that make me feel as though I’m travelling. I visit art installations, I explore mysterious ruins, I shop. I discuss philosophy, listen to live music, watch people surf virtual waves. I dance and someday hope to sing like the other musicians who give concerts at Second Life’s many venues. And I take pictures.

The picture above is one of the first pictures I took in Second Life, the picture that made me want to capture more of the things there that occasionally take my breath away.  I just really like it.  The strange caravan in the distance.  The seemingly abandoned motorcycle that invites me to indulge my desire to explore.  The sidecar that suggests, “Bring a friend,” even if he’s imaginary.  The featureless expanse to the left that could be sand or fog and gives me pause to wonder, “What’s over there?”  And of course, the lights that mark the path.

Second Life offers me many intriguing and beautiful experiences.  I highly recommend you log in and do a little exploring of your own. (Second Life information)

Picture Credit – Zen Greenway

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