How Medical Marijuana is Helping Me Post-Cancer

I am currently a legal medical marijuana user. Trust me. That is a really good thing. I have, ahem, extensive previous experience with weed (mostly long ago), so weed being a good thing is no surprise to me. What does surprise me is how much it is helping me manage several of my post-cancer issues.

The primary reason weed was prescribed for me is anxiety. I’ve had mostly mild anxiety since before my cancer, but it is noticeably worse for obvious reasons. I was taking Xanax off and on, but the possible long term effects always gave me pause. Since I started the medical marijuana program, I haven’t needed my Xanax. I don’t get that out-of-control feeling anymore. I don’t wake up at 3 am consumed by worry or circular thoughts. Seriously. It’s the best!

As it happens, weed has also taken care of my hot flashes and insomnia. Both are related to menopause, but made worse by my post-cancer medication. I was having day-long hot flashes, sitting in my skivvies in the dead of winter. Now there’s a minute or two of heat, just a flare of the furnace, once or twice a day. Not even worth taking my socks off. Hot flashes affect millions of women every day. Someone needs to study this.

And insomnia? Forget about it! I used to wake up regularly in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep to save my life. Fortunately, I had enough good nights to keep me from imploding, but there really is nothing like that helpless, exhausted, lonely place where no one’s up but you and the coming day is now shot to hell because this is the third time this week and you can’t keep just denying you’re exhausted. Or maybe you can, so your body has to get sick (or maybe even get cancer) so that you’ll finally take your health seriously and stop.

Pretty grim, huh? Insomnia’s no joke. Unless, of course, you’ve got some Northern Lights loaded in the vape. I gotta tell you, I can’t think of a better cure for that insomniac bleakness than a medicine that makes you laugh at whatever’s on TV for half an hour before you drift off to sleep on a gently overwhelming wave of peace. When your alarm rings, you’ll feel refreshed instead of homicidal. And if you’re still a little high, all the better. Enjoy your breakfast.

If you’re a breast cancer survivor and marijuana is legal where you are, I highly recommend it. And not just for the issues mentioned here. Weed has helped me keep the ongoing tragedy with which we are surrounded in perspective while amplifying the many sources of continuing joy in my life. If you’ve had cancer, you know joy is your best protection, perhaps your only protection, from the fear. The world is crazy. Life is scary. Sometimes it really helps to be high.

If you decide to try it, start slow and small. It’s potent medicine. Even if you have, ahem, extensive previous experience, you may not be prepared for medical grade weed. I thought I was really going light on my first hit of Maui Wowie and ended up in the recliner for three hours. I felt fantastic, but still … it’s wise to be careful. After all, you can always take more, but never less. Anyway, I’m sure the people at your local dispensary have tons of good advice.

Happy toking! :mrgreen:

Picture Credit – Free-Photos

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